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What Pappy Does for BCA

One of the most valuable weapons in the BCA arsenal is Myron “Pappy” Papadakis. For over 40 years, Pappy has worked on some of the world’s biggest aviation cases and helped evaluate, investigate, and litigate over 450 aviation accidents. But, Pappy’s expertise extends far beyond the world of aviation. Throughout his career, he has used his engineering and law degrees to build a formidable reputation as an expert forensic reconstructionist. And he has undertaken the creation of a very extensive witness list in every major engineering discipline. This has allowed Pappy to expand his domain to include maritime and automotive litigation. And since joining BCA as Counsel in 2008, he has investigated for and consulted for over 40 attorneys on their dockets, including the Spanair crash and the GM Ignition Switch Recall.

Pappy is now respected worldwide for his experience, knowledge, and investigative thoroughness. His opinions have been sought out by some of the most powerful firms in the country on some of the largest litigation in history. And BCA is both proud and honored to consider him a member of their team.

He is currently heavily involved in the Trinity Guardrail product defect case load.

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