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About Our Aviation Team

Brent Coon & Associates is devoted to improving the safety and quality of air travel. As a leading firm in the field of aviation law, not only do we focus on helping families recover from aviation disasters, but we hope to use our efforts and knowledge of the aviation industry to promote lasting changes in air travel procedures, aircraft manufacturing, and pilot training that will set new standards for air travel safety and reduce the number of accidents to help keep the public safe. We understand the importance and the dangers of air travel. It is our goal to use our expertise to reduce those inherent risks of air travel in any way possible.

We believe that calling attention to these accidents as well as their causes will help educate the public to the fact that many of these aircraft accidents are preventable. We believe that bringing the issues into the public forum for open discussion and public education is a key tool in ensuring better safety standards and regulations.

Brent Coon & Associates would like to offer the services Accident Investigation Expert and “Of Counsel” Attorney, Myron “Pappy” Papadakis. Mr. Papadakis is available for comment or interview to discuss aviation current events or recent aviation accidents. As a former pilot and veteran of the field of aviation law and investigation, Mr. Papadakis offers a unique insight into the possible cause of a given accident, how it could have been prevented and the legal ramifications.

Mr. Papadakis is currently involved in a project to produce a 14 show mini series covering notable plane crashes throughout the past half century. The series, to be aired on Discovery Channel, will take viewers through the accident reconstruction in in depth detail to determine what went wrong, how it happened, and what can be done to prevent the same occurrence in the future. Because of Mr. Papadakis’ expert knowledge, he is set to be the narrator and main investigator of each show.

About BCA Aviation Law Division

The BCA Aviation Division is known for its handling of complex, multi party aviation claims. We know the domestic and international aviation industry. We understand how to identify the parties responsible for an aviation accident. Liability for a plane crash or other disaster can rest with the manufacturer, supplier, or operator, or a combination of responsible entities. Our aviation team have the skills and experience necessary to determine liability and mount a strong case for compensation for the injured and the families of those killed.

BCA Aviation understands the unique challenges of plane crash cases. The team has handled cases against international aircraft and airline companies such as: Bell Helicopter, McDonnell Douglas, Martin Baker, American Airlines, Air Canada, Cessna, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Mitsubishi and Northwest Airlines.

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